Our company

Binè is a family-run winery.
Next to the two owners Luciano and Michelangelo Ghio and to Luciano's wife,
Rosy Carlevaro, the two sons of Luciano have also recently joined the company,
Niccolò and Lorenzo.

Our roots

Our roots are part of this kind land, so full of charm and poetry.

A land of great character and immense fragrance, which lets itself be caressed, seduces.

A land that can be generous with those who respect it. Our work starts from here, from these little things, from the firm conviction that only through the meeting between tradition and innovation, we can reach a happy synthesis that has its fruits in our wines.

Mariariosa "Rosy" Carlevaro


The territory

Binè is located in Piedmont, in Novi Ligure (AL), a small town in the wine area of GAVI DOCG. Besides Novi, there are only 10 neighboring municipalities where the production disciplinary allows the cultivation of Gavi DOCG grapes.


The hills of this area with a high wine vocation, almost totally designed by vineyards, are characterized by a particular terroir, linked to the proximity to the sea (the Ligurian coasts are only 30 km away as the crow flies) and the presence of typically continental temperatures with cold winters and very hot summers.


These climatic conditions are ideal for the growth of excellent quality wine grapes.

Our wineyards

The Binè lands are located in Novi Ligure, one of the 11 municipalities of the Gavi DOCG wine region. The 10 hectares of vineyard make up a single large vineyard, located on the best exposed slope-south / south-west exposure of two adjacent hills.

A particularity of the vineyards of the Binè represented in the company logo is the small round vineyard, whose rows are planted in a radial pattern to form an amphitheater.x


Future perspective

Binè is a young company: founded in 2000, the first harvest was in 2005. With the entry into the company of Lorenzo and Niccolò, the intention is to continue growing, in particular following two directions.


The former is intent on exploring new markets through export activities to create new business opportunities in Europe and in the global market.


The second is linked to receptivity: through the renovation of the farmhouse from which the estate takes its name, the idea is to host and welcome tourists

Everywhere in the world.