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Ritornano i nostri aperitivi esclusivi nel giardino panoramico

Al Biné crediamo nel valore del tempo. Il tempo delle stagioni che scorrono e permettono all’uva di maturare e al nostro vino di diventare grande.

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A wine with character, fresh and full-bodied. Fruity and floral aromas. Balanced taste, in which the typical freshness of Gavi is balanced by an excellent structure.



Piedmont Barbera


Ni • Lo was born from the union of the names of Niccolò and Lorenzo, the two sons of the company founder. Ni • Lo is a refined and elegant wine, in which the typical freshness of Barbera is balanced by an excellent body and a remarkable roundness. On the nose the fruity notes of wild berries and strawberries and the floral aromas of red rose stand out.



Piedmont Barbera
Sparkling DOC


Fine, elegant, pleasant, it is a very convivial wine. The perlage obtained through a natural process of referencing the wine in cask activated by the addition of further must is very fine and non-aggressive. The nose has clear notes of fruit (cherry, blackberry) and floral (violet).


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Primo Ottobre
Piemonte DOC Barbera

“Primo Ottobre” is a complex and elegant wine. Primo Ottobre is the maximum expression of the philosophy of Binè, declined in the Barbera version. Few bunches from a few selected fillars of vineyards give an excellent product with an excellent body and structure. The aging period of 18 months in oak barrels after the fermentation gives a bouquet of important tertiary aromas (licorice, pepper, tobacco, leather) that complements the olfactory range.

Primo Ottobre means October 1st, which is the deadline, before which the grapes for this wine are never harvested.

Primo Ottobre (October 1st) is the date on which this wine is put on the market, 2 years after the harvest of its grapes.

Primo October is the signature of Luciano, one of the founders of Binè who has put his signature on this wine.

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spumante brut

Michelangelo is the Binè Spumante BRUT. The second fermentation is obtained through the Martinotti method after 6 months of batonnage. Michelangelo benefits from the freshness of the cortese grape and it enhances its finesse thanks to an extremely fine and delicate perlage. Michelangelo, as one of the founders of Binè from which it takes its name, is an excellent companion for festive occasions, or for a classy aperitif.



Piemonte DOC Barbera
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